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Toys & Activities

Ballerina Finger Puppet

These adorable 4" tall dancers are ready to dance their way into your little one's heart! Each dancer has a tiny tutu and her hair is neatly stacked in high bun, ready to hit the stage. Choose from three different dancers or buy all three to create a small dance company!

$ 7.50 USD

Ballerina Top

Classic wood toy in the shape of a ballerina. Choose from pink or blue. Ages 3+

$ 3.50 USD

Coloring Curls 2: An Adult Coloring Book Celebrating Natural Hair HH-UB-240

The 2nd installment of drawings celebrating coils, curls, and coiffures is now here with all new designs to explore! Each of the 30 one-sided illustrations celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of the person portrayed while showcasing their beautiful head of hair. Use this book to relax as you color your stress away. 8.5" x 8.5"

$ 15.00 USD

Doodling Robot

This robot is also an artist! As the robot vibrates and spins around, it creates a picture. No assistance needed! Kit includes parts, pens, and assembly instructions. Robot requires one AA battery - not included. Ages: 8+

$ 17.99 USD

Juggling Balls - Set of 3

Learn to juggle with these soft bean bag style balls. Set of 3 in box. Great for kids or adults! Ages 3+

$ 8.99 USD

Mini Modeling Clay

Small tub filled with clay in a rainbow of colors. 13 colors; gluten-free & non-toxic. Ages 5+

$ 1.99 USD

Mugavu Wood Tic Tac Toe Game

Take tic tac toe on the go! Great for kids and adults. Set includes nine mugavu wood pieces: 4 x's and 5 o's; and a kitenge fabric game board that doubles as a bag for storing all the pieces. Measures: bag/game board: 7.5 x 6.75", pieces: 1.75". Made from mugavu wood, the tic tac toe set is lovingly handcrafted by Michael & team in Uganda. Michael prides himself on making quality products that showcase this native tree.

$ 40.00 USD

Paper Bead Jewelry Making Kit

This sweet jewelry making kit filled with paper beads, cord, and accent beads is fun for both adults and kids. Each make -you- own bracelet and necklace set comes with 4 yards of stretchy cord, four eye needles for threading beads, and a bag of colorful and beautiful handcrafted paper beads and gold beads to mix up the look. There is enough material included to make multiple bracelets and necklaces. Each kit comes in a colorful kitenge fabric drawstring bag; fabric design may vary from what is shown. Made from cord, paper beads, and gold beads. Handmade with love in Uganda

$ 28.00 USD

Rainbow Glow Dough

Colorful putty that actually glows in the dark! Colors may vary from what is pictured.

$ 4.99 USD

Spiral Art Mini Kit

Use pattern wheels and your favorite drawing tools to create fun spiral designs. Mini kit includes 20 sheets of paper, carrying case, and 3 pattern wheels.

$ 6.99 USD

Tangram Brain Teaser

Challenge yourself to create inspired shapes using the provided pieces or enjoy creating your own, unique designs. Ages 6+

$ 4.99 USD

Water Resistant Mermaid/Merman HH-MJ

Playful merpeople made of white pine painted with quality watercolors and protected with a sturdy polyurethane. Great as a pool or bath toys for all ages! Three styles available.

$ 28.00 USD

Wooden Kaleidoscope

Small wooden kaleidoscope makes exploring the world all the more exciting as you view things through the faceted lens. 3" L; Choose from design with yellow, pink, or blue stripes.

$ 8.99 USD