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Toys & Activities

Ballerina Finger Puppet

These adorable 4" tall dancers are ready to dance their way into your little one's heart! Each dancer has a tiny tutu and her hair is neatly stacked in high bun, ready to hit the stage. Choose from three different dancers or buy all three to create a small dance company!

$ 7.50 USD

Ballerina Glitter Puzzle (100 Piece)

Little dancers will love putting together this 100 piece puzzle with sparkly glitter pieces included. Ages 5+

$ 11.99 USD

Ballerina Top

Classic wood toy in the shape of a ballerina. Choose from pink or blue. Ages 3+

$ 3.50 USD

Coloring Curls 2: An Adult Coloring Book Celebrating Natural Hair HH-UB-240

The 2nd installment of drawings celebrating coils, curls, and coiffures is now here with all new designs to explore! Each of the 30 one-sided illustrations celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of the person portrayed while showcasing their beautiful head of hair. Use this book to relax as you color your stress away. 8.5" x 8.5"

$ 15.00 USD

Coloring Curls Fabric Doll

The perfect doll to compliment the "Coloring Curls" coloring book. Cotton/Polyester fabric with hand-painted facial features and hand-stitched acrylic yarn hair. Clothing is removable so she can "get dressed." *Each doll's hair color will vary from what is shown (i.e. hair may be brown, blue, pink, etc.) A special doll will be chosen for you upon ordering. Special requests/custom orders may be emailed to Doll is 16.5" x 9"

$ 50.00 USD

Doodling Robot

This robot is also an artist! As the robot vibrates and spins around, it creates a picture. No assistance needed! Kit includes parts, pens, and assembly instructions. Robot requires one AA battery - not included. Ages: 8+

$ 17.99 USD

Egg Cha Cha Musical Shakers

Egg shaped maracas... Just give your egg cha cha a shake to create a little musical rhythm. Comes in purple, pink, blue, and green.

$ 3.25 USD

Juggling Balls - Set of 3

Learn to juggle with these soft bean bag style balls. Set of 3 in box. Great for kids or adults! Ages 3+

$ 8.99 USD

Magic Sand Kit

Magic sand comes with mini sand molds for creative or sensory play. Ages 5+ Also available in pink.

$ 3.50 USD

Mini Modeling Clay

Small tub filled with clay in a rainbow of colors. 13 colors; gluten-free & non-toxic. Ages 5+

$ 1.99 USD

Mugavu Wood Tic Tac Toe Game

Take tic tac toe on the go! Great for kids and adults. Set includes nine mugavu wood pieces: 4 x's and 5 o's; and a kitenge fabric game board that doubles as a bag for storing all the pieces. Measures: bag/game board: 7.5 x 6.75", pieces: 1.75". Made from mugavu wood, the tic tac toe set is lovingly handcrafted by Michael & team in Uganda. Michael prides himself on making quality products that showcase this native tree.

$ 40.00 USD

Musical Instrument Sound Puzzle

This puzzle plays realistic instrument sounds as children play the pieces in their correct spot on the puzzle. Fun and educational!

$ 14.99 USD

Piggies HH-MJ

Playful barnyard friends made of white pine and painted with quality watercolors; finished with a blend of beeswax and coconut oil. Recommended for 3+. Available in two sizes: Small is 3.75" x .75"; Large is 4" x .75"

$ 14.00 USD

Rainbow Glow Dough

Colorful putty that actually glows in the dark! Colors may vary from what is pictured.

$ 4.99 USD

Spiral Art Mini Kit

Use pattern wheels and your favorite drawing tools to create fun spiral designs. Mini kit includes 20 sheets of paper, carrying case, and 3 pattern wheels.

$ 6.99 USD

Tangram Brain Teaser

Challenge yourself to create inspired shapes using the provided pieces or enjoy creating your own, unique designs. Ages 6+

$ 4.99 USD

Unicorn Puppets

Four fun unicorn finger puppets for little imaginations to soar big! Ages 3+

$ 5.99 USD

Water Resistant Mermaid/Merman HH-MJ

Playful merpeople made of white pine painted with quality watercolors and protected with a sturdy polyurethane. Great as a pool or bath toys for all ages! Three styles available.

$ 28.00 USD

Wooden Kaleidoscope

Small wooden kaleidoscope makes exploring the world all the more exciting as you view things through the faceted lens. 3" L; Choose from design with yellow, pink, or blue stripes.

$ 8.99 USD

Zentangle Blank Cards

20 blank tangle cards for artists to create and display their zentangle drawings.

$ 3.99 USD