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Bring out the artist in you by enrolling in the multitude of workshops and classes at the Center. From ceramics to photography, painting to fiber arts, you are sure to discover your talent here.
Classes for Adults at the Cultural Arts Center

Classes for Adults

Want to explore your creative side? The Center offers over 40 adult classes in fifteen disciplines. Want to learn how to throw clay to create beautiful pottery or learn how to paint with watercolors, pastels or acrylics? We can help! How about learning to make jewelry for fun or to begin a new vocation? We have you covered! Ever thought about learning to play the guitar? Our students range from ages 6 to 80 so sign up today! Our music instructors will teach you on a one-on-one basis so no need to be embarrassed if you hit a wrong note! Or consider some new skills in the kitchen. Our new culinary classes teach the art of preparing fun food! Take a class then have a party show off your newly discovered talents! We purposefully keep class sizes small for great individual instruction from our talented instructors.

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Classes for Teens at the Cultural Arts Center

Classes for Teens

The Center offers over a dozen classes in four disciplines - ceramics (pottery), music, literary arts and visual arts - for teens ages 13-17. Class sizes remain small for individualize instruction. While the school system offers art and music classes for teens, our programs either augment the school offerings or opens up a whole new area unable in the school system.

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Classes for Youth at the Cultural Arts Center

Classes for Youth

Start budding artists on their creative journey in one of The Center's youth classes offered in five disciplines - ceramics (clay basics), music, confectionery arts, painting and drawing classes. Our other classes in the confectionery arts and visual arts are designed to be fun, action packed and filled with a variety of topics to keep the young audience actively engaged in creating fun, original art! Class sizes remain small so that the students will receive a lot of individual attention.

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Classes for Families

The Cultural Arts Center offers family classes in various disciplines that are perfect for children, parents, and grandparents to learn about and make art together. These classes and workshops offer the chance to learn new skills and have fun creating art as a family. Sign up online today!

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