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Pet Collection

Luxury Dog Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning shampoo is formulated just for dogs, knowing what ingredients they need to keep and maintain a beautiful coat all year long. Perfectly pH-balanced shampoo that cleanses and nourishes pet hair and skin, no matter what dirty adventures they get into. Effective at cleansing fur and skin without over-drying. Includes soothing organic aloe; contains provitamin B5 for a boost of hydration and to keep coats shiny and healthy. Added wheat protein deeply nourishes each strand of hair. Suitable for pets with sensative skin. 100% vegan; no gluten, phthalates, or parabens. 8 oz.

$ 18.00 USD

Pet & Baby Calming Blanket

Made for your pet or baby from the softest, most coziest fabric! Minky Luxe cuddle fabric in animal print designs, mimicking pet fur is perfect for snuggling into. Your pet or little one will snuggle with this blanket, improving sleep habits and reducing anxiety. The perfect size for grab and go at 17" x 17" x 3". 100% polyester; machine wash cold on gentle or hand wash cycle with detergent only (no PODS or fabric softeners). Tumble dry, low or air dry; no iron.

$ 28.50 USD

Schrodinger's Cat Tote Bag

Polyester bag is 15" x 15" featuring an original painting by J2 Art printed all over. Cotton handles; bag holds up to 44 lbs.

$ 50.00 USD

Tea Tree Mint Pet Spritz

Light-weight dog or cat spray enriched with natural fragrance oils, allowing you to gently eliminate foul odors and replace with refreshing scents. Great to spray in the car, in pet beds, and to use as an air freshener near any pet areas. Pet-safe essential fragrance oil. 3.4 oz. fine mist spray bottle. Avoid contact with pet's eyes and mouth.

$ 10.00 USD