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Gourmet Gifts

Herb Dip/Seasoning Mix HH-CH

Each package of dip/seasoning mix makes three batches of fresh, flavorful dip for any occasion. Thanks to the resealable packaging, you can make as much or as little as you want at a time. Use on a sandwich or use it dry on vegetables, meats, fish, or any other treat.

$ 5.00 USD

Herb Dip/Seasoning Mix Holiday Bulbs gift set

One serving of dip in a holiday bulb. Set of 4 bulbs, bagged for gifting. Flavors include one each: Dill, Fiesta, Bacon, & Spicy Ranch.

$ 12.00 USD

Herbert's Premium Hot Cocoa HH-CH

Just add hot water to make a flavorful warm drink on a cold day. Rich flavors provide a unique experience for any palate. Also, great to add to baked desserts for extra richness. Choose from single serve packets or family size (serves 8) in a variety of flavors.

$ 3.00 USD

Low Sugar Wine Jelly Gift Set HH-CH-146

Delicious wine jellies made with the same quality ingredients but only half the sugar! Enjoy the unique tastes with a healthier twist. Each set comes gift packed with three 6 oz. jars including one each of Orange Pineapple Chardonnay, Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon, & Raspberry Rose.

$ 22.00 USD

Wine Jelly Gift Sets

Non-alcoholic wine jellies are made by processing the alcohol from local wines then adding juices to enhance the original notes of the wine. These jellies can be used in a variety of recipes to make every meal a gourmet treat. Each set comes with three 6 oz. jars. Choose from: Red Wine Box (Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon, Apple Merlot, & Black Cherry Cabernet Franc) or White Wine Box (Orange Pineapple Chardonnay, Mango Moscato, & Pear Pinot Grigio). For a sugar free option, please see listing for "Low Sugar Wine Jelly Gift Set."

$ 22.00 USD