Visit The Cultural Arts Center's LOVE sign during your next visit!

The new sign is a part of the LOVEworks program, which is a state-wide branding initiative designed to promote travel in Virginia and strengthen awareness of the “Virginia is for Lovers” message. Tourism is an instant revenue generator for Virginia. In 2019, tourism generated $27 billion in revenue, supported 237,000 jobs and provided $1.8 billion in state and local revenue for the Commonwealth. The LOVEworks program is an extension of the iconic Virginia is for Lovers brand, designed to promote travel throughout the Commonwealth.

The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is dedicated to being the region’s center for creativity, balancing arts and culture, education, and entertainment for our community.

“I have long admired the LOVEworks signs that have been popping up all over the Commonwealth and was delighted to find out how supportive and helpful the Virginia Tourism Commission is in helping organizations create their own renditions of signs”, commented Center President K Alferio. “Being able to highlight all that we do in the way of performances, art exhibits, classes, weddings and more was a great incentive. And using everyday and recycled items reinforces our belief that there is art in everything around us.”

The sign was designed by local scene artist and staff member, Ryan Imirie. Staff, volunteers and board members helped bring the vision to life over a production period of 12 weeks.

The sign highlights The Center’s programming and offerings, from art classes and performances to creative spaces to celebrate special events. Recycled materials and supplies gathered to create the sign include:

  • 1,975 buttons of assorted sizes
  • 70 pencils
  • 7,000 small beads
  • 150 mosaic tiles
  • 100 popsicle sticks
  • 75 metal fender washers
  • Over 50 jar lids
  • 7 recycled food service trays
  • 12 bottles of gorilla glue
  • 2 cartons of exterior elastomeric compound
  • 2 gallons of waterproofing
  • 6 gallons of exterior paint
  • 4 sheets of plywood

When asked how the project originated, Imirie explained, "K came to me with the idea proposed by one of our Board members (Angela Harper) of adding a LOVEworks sign to the Center. I thought it would be a great project to work on since, as a scene designer and painter (in addition my guest Services job), I have had very few outlets for large-scale design work over the past months.  I doodled the idea right there on a post-it note. The idea hasn't changed much since inception because we liked it right away and it incorporates everything we do here.  Those of us who LOVE the arts never really lose that creative spark, we just need the right place to let it out. This project has given me an opportunity to showcase what the Center is all about."

The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen thanks the County of Henrico and the Virginia Tourism Corporation for making our LOVEworks sign possible, and encourages guests to share their photos with our new sign on Facebook at Facebook.com/VirginiaisforLovers and on Instagram and Twitter using #artsglenallen and #LOVEVA.

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