Say hello to some of our 2017 PAL students who have graced the cover of our new season brochure!

Meet the "cover girls"...

Aniyah A., Laburnum Elementary School

Aniyah W., Adams Elementary School

Chyna M., Harvey Elementary School

Why are you so passionate about art?

Chyna: "I'm passionate about art because it's fun and you get to show your creativity. Art means I get to express my feelings and when I'm happy."

Aniyah: "Art keeps me occupied and I enjoy it. It's a way to enjoy yourself and to help kids."

Aniyah: "It's fun to do and "Art makes me feel happy."


Chyna: "I like to make slime and play with my geckos."

Aniyah: "Flowers, self-portraits, animal sketching."

Aniyah: "Painting, drawing, dancing, sketching."