Frequently Asked Questions - Facility Rental

There are many details to consider when planning your event. Our Events Manager has collected the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to assist you with your planning.


How can I reserve a room at The Center?
ALL reservations must be received in writing to the Events Manger via email to book your date and space(s).
We do NOT offer a tentative hold on dates and book the facility on a first come/first serve basis. We will hold the date for 2 weeks once a contract is executed. A 50% deposit and signed contract for events are required to reserve the date.
When is a deposit due and how much is the deposit?
All reservations require a deposit on the facility rental fee. To confirm a reservation date for any function at any of The Center’s venues, a deposit equal to 50% of the facility rental fee is required. This deposit must be received before any reservation will be confirmed. The second half of the payment is due 90 days prior to the event.
A $250 security/damage deposit is required 90 days prior to the event. If an extraordinary amount of cleaning is required at the end of the Client’s function or there is any damage to the facility, this deposit will be kept by The Center to offset the associated expenses. If no such extraordinary cleanup is required, the deposit will be refunded within 30 business days of the function.
What is the cancellation policy?
ALL Cancellations must be done in writing.
Please see your contract for the cancellation policy and terms. The 50% deposit is non-refundable once the contract is signed. If you cancel 90 days before your event then the second half of your renter fee is not due. However, if you cancel your event within 90 days before the event date then the second half of the renter fee is due and payable.
Deposit can be transferred to an alternative date in full with approval of the Events Manager should you need to reschedule your event. If within 90 days of your event the second half of the payment would be do at the time of the rescheduling of the meeting.
What are the payment terms?
Full payment must be made no later than 90 days prior to the function. The Center will take all appropriate steps to collect any unpaid and past due balances. The Client understands and agrees that the Client will be liable for any reasonable attorney or other fees incurred by the Center to collect such monies.
Do I provide a floor plan for my event or does The Center have a standard plan?
The Center must review and approve in advance all proposed floor plans for events.
They must give pre-approval for any caterer contracted by Client that is not on our preferred caterer list. Please note that for any non-approved caterers there will be an additional fee and must be approved on a case by case basis only by The Center Events Manager.
Contracts with all vendors will be solely between Client and respective vendors. The Center will supply vendor guidelines if needed.
Rentals - The Center Events Manager must be informed of any rentals that have been arranged for event so that we can approve prior coordinated delivery and pick-up dates and times.
What type of security does The Center provide?
The Center has a security officer in the parking lot during evening events. Aside from that officer, additional security may be required for some evening events. Additionally, the Events Manager may determine that additional security is required for daytime events. The Events Manager will inform the client if this is needed with the cost.
Can I use my own caterer?
All caterers must be from our list of pre-approved caterers. Please contact the Events Manager for any exceptions to this. Under certain circumstances and for a fee, the Events Manager might let you use a caterer not on our list. This is on a case by case basis only.
Client will be responsible for ensuring that caterers clean-up thoroughly, this includes removing ALL EVENT/CATERING trash.
Is smoking permitted on your premise?
Smoking is not permitted inside the facility.
Are we allowed to bring in our own decorations?
All decorations must be approved by The Center Events Manager and meet all relevant code requirements. Décor and signs must be freestanding; hanging, taping or nailing in/on the ceilings and walls is not permitted. ONLY blue painters tape may be used to hang anything on the wall.
The Center does not provide table cloths, center pieces or any other decorations for your event.
NOT PERMITTED: Glitter or confetti (includes table décor) is not permitted. Also, we do not allow the throwing of rice, ice cream sprinkles or fake flower petals outside any of our venues. Fireworks and sparklers are strictly prohibited due to a County ordinance against such activity.
PERMITTED OUTDOORS ONLY: Bubbles, bird seed and fresh flower petals are allowed but all petals, bird seed and bubbles containers must be picked up and disposed of at the end of the event.
What are additional restrictions for using The Center?
Movement of Furniture - The facilities contain valuable furniture and art work. Except for the tables and chairs included in the facility rental fee, no furniture may be moved. Client is solely responsible for any damage to furniture/art work and will be billed for any such damage.
Firearms - Firearms may not be brought on the premises.
Animals - With the exception of horse-drawn carriage or service animals, no pets or animals are permitted at any of the facilities with out prior approval from the Events Manager.
What happens if a major event - i.e. storm, power outage, etc. occurs when our event is scheduled?
If The Center is unable to carry on its normal operations, including the hosting of functions, because of forces beyond its immediate control, including but not limited to laws, regulations, court orders, strikes, breakdown of machinery, interruption of power, fire, catastrophe, earthquake, war, civil commotion, quarantine, weather, other severe climatic conditions, Acts of God, or other catastrophic matters or business interruptions beyond its control, the Client understands and agrees that The Center will not be liable for the failure to host a scheduled function. If a function is unable to be held due to any of the foregoing occurrences, the event will be rescheduled to another mutually acceptable date.
Is my date available?
The Center’s calendar is managed by our Events Manager, who oversees facility rentals and the booking of private events. Please email the Events Manager at to check availability.
How long can you “hold” my date?
The Center books events on a first come/first serve basis. The Center offers a courtesy hold of 14 days once a contract is executed, at the end of the 14th day the hold on the spaces will be released if the contract is not returned to the Events Manager signed. If a longer hold is needed, this would need to be discussed with the Events Manager.
How soon do I need to contract/reserve the venue?
The Center recommends that you contract your desired date as early as possible to secure it.
Can I cancel my event?
Yes, all cancellation policies are listed in our contract must be done in writing and are listed above.
Do you have outdoor venues for ceremonies and events?
Yes, we have the fully covered Weinstein Sculpture Garden and our back Alumni Lawn that can be tented at the expense of the renter.
Do I have to tent the outdoor venues?
The Weinstein Sculpture Garden already has a permanent covering and does not require a tent. It is not mandatory but if you are considering an outdoor event on the Alumni Lawn, then it is suggested to rent a tent but not required.
Is there plenty of parking?
Yes, we have 352 spots with handicapped parking available. PARKING IS FREE.
Can I have music in the outdoor venues?
Yes, we require that ALL music ends at midnight for outdoor events.
Do you offer a back up indoor venue for inclement weather?
No, we do not as our outdoor Weinstein Sculpture Garden is full covered by the permanent covering over it. However, if you have your wedding ceremony and reception at The Center then your reception space would be used as your back up space for your event should your event need to be moved indoors. If we have a back up space available in the venue then we will secure an indoor venue for the event being held outdoors on a case by case basis.
How do I get the room listings and pricing?
Email the Events Manager at to get pricing or call 804-261-6211.
Do you offer any military discounts or County of Henrico resident discounts?
Currently we do not offer a military discount. Additionally, since we are operated by the nonprofit, The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen Foundation, and are not part of the County of Henrico we do not offer a rate for Henrico County residents.
Do you offer audio visual equipment rentals?
Yes, The Center does offer audio visual equipment rentals. Please contact for the Events Manager at for pricing.
Do you allow companies/individuals to bring in their own AV equipment?
Yes, The Center allows you to bring in your own AV equipment to use for your meeting/event.
What are the event hours?
Wedding receptions get 2 hours for set-up, 4 hours for the event and 1 hour for clean up. All events MUST end by midnight with the caterer/clean up done and out by 1:00 a.m. Ceremony and reception venue rentals get 3 hours for set-up, 5 hours of event time and 1 hour for clean-up. Also, ceremony and receptions get a space for the bride and her bridal party to get ready during the set-up time. Additional hours for reception are $200 per hour.
Meetings get from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and extra hours can be worked out with the Events Manager on a case by case basis to determine if extra fees will apply. Evening meetings will have the hours determined on a case by case basis, contact The Center’s Events Manager
Is a ceremony rehearsal included?
Yes, based on The Center availability a one hour ceremony rehearsal is included with all wedding ceremonies performed in the Weinstein Sculpture Garden. The Events Manager will schedule the day and time for the rehearsal with the client. Most rehearsals are from 1-4 p.m. and must be a one hour rehearsal and end by 4:00 p.m. for Monday-Friday rehearsals. Saturday rehearsals usually occur before 10 a.m. for a one hour time frame.
Can I use a caterer not on your preferred vendor list?
No, unless there is a cultural or other specific reason that is approved by the Center’s Events Manager and the client would need to pre-approve them prior to the client signing a contract with The Center. There would be an additional outside catering fee for a non-preferred caterer and additional insurance information that would need to be supplied by the caterer. Contact the Center’s Events Manager at for questions.
Am I required to hire an event-coordinator?
No, we do not require a wedding planner/coordinator when the wedding ceremony is being held at The Center. You are welcome to have one if you so choose. The Center does not supply one for you.
Do you have outdoor ceremony chairs?
They are included in your rental fee per the pricing sheet that you can obtain from The Center’s Event Manager at 100 maroon acrylic chairs are included with the rental of the Weinstein Sculpture Garden and we also have the white resin padded folding chairs that can be rented from The Center through the Events Manager for $2.50 each.
Do you have tables and chairs for receptions/events?
Yes, depending on the space you are renting. These are listed on the pricing sheet that you can obtain from the Events Manager. If you need additional table and chairs you can rent them from a rental company or through the caterer.
What are the set up/breakdown policies?
The Center is responsible for setting up all tables and chairs for reception/event that The Center supplies. If the Client rents any tables and chairs then the Client is responsible for organizing the set-up/tear-down of these items. The Caterer is responsible for setting up the rest of your event based on what they are supplying, if they are changing over a room and for taking down all materials and throwing out all trash in The Center dumpster at the end of the event. Caterers are responsible to remove all their items and food and clean up after the event. Clients are to remove anything they brought or had delivered during their tear-down/clean up hour. This includes all floral, decorations, table clothes and any items rented by the Client for the event unless there is a prior agreement with The Center’s Events Manager.
Do I have to hire a florist or can I decorate myself?
You are not required to hire a florist for your centerpieces and decorations. If you choose to do this yourself, we require that you arrange for a person or persons to arrive during your set-up time stated in the contract to set up all items and breakdown and package items at the conclusion of the event. Everything must be removed the same day. The client can also work with their caterer to see if they can help set out décor too.
The Center will not supply any ladders for any decorations to be hung. The client must supply their own.
Can we drop items off before the event?
No, we do not allow items to be dropped off prior to your event.
Do we have to remove our personal and rented items after the event?
Yes, all your personal and rental items must be picked up the same day as your event. All items must be packed up and removed.
Can I drop off my alcohol before my set-up time on my contract?
No. We do not allow anything to be dropped off before your event. Please make arrangements with a person or the caterer to bring it to the venue during your contract stated set-up time.
Can I bring in my own beer, champagne & soda?
Yes, you can bring your own alcohol but you have to get approval from your Caterer first and use a bartender your caterer provides for service of the alcohol. You would also have to apply for the ABC license and supply The Center Events Manager and the caterer with a copy of the ABC license and bring it with you to post at your bar the day of the event.
Can alcohol be taken outside?
Only within the gates of the Weinstein Sculpture Garden if you have rented this space for your event. No alcohol is allowed outside of the venue buildings/spaces.
Can I have liquor?
Yes, this would have to be arranged with your caterer and a separate ABC license would be needed.
Can we have self serve alcoholic drinks?
No, all alcoholic beverages must be served by one of the caterer's bartenders.

Please contact The Center’s Events Manager or 804-261-6211
with any other questions or clarification.

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