When visiting, masks are encouraged. Masks are required inside the building at all times for visitors who are not vaccinated.

You may also schedule appointments with staff by calling 804-261-ARTS.

To schedule a meeting or facility tour, please call 804-261-6211.

Outreach pictures

Connecting People and Building Community

The Cultural Arts Center is on the move, reaching out and across the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico as well as the city of Richmond! Through workshops, special events, and classes, we are sharing our love of the visual and performing arts with people of all ages, cultures, and abilities.


Painting from "Eyes of Youth" Exhibit

"The Eyes of Youth" on exhibit during March 2021 in our Slantwall Gallery

Young artists from The Cultural Arts Center’s Artreach programs share paintings, prints,collage, sculpture, and drawings that celebrate their unique perspective and character.Artists include youth from afterschool groups, summer camps, and the James River Juvenile Detention Center.

Art Matters! Preschool, Youth and Teen Programming

Art Matters invites young people from preschool to high school to explore and create with paint, mosaics, pencils, paper mache, markers, pastels and more. These young artists are creating amazing and unique works of art using their minds, hearts, and creative energy.

  • The CAC provides art programs at three Henrico County Police Athletic League (PAL) afterschool programs throughout the school year. In addition to providing visual arts activities, we collaborate with Stage3C for drama and theater programs and instrumentalist Roy Myers for ukulele classes and performances. During the summer months, we partner with PAL to provide a Summer Camp experience packed with art, theater, music, cooking, and dance.
  • Cartooning, Jewelry-Making, Altered T-Shirts, and Animation are a few of the teen programs the CAC facilitates in partnership with the Henrico County and Chesterfield County Public Libraries.
  • Scavenger hunts, tours, and art activities for local Girl Scout Troops are becoming more frequent. We are excited to be a part of programs that contribute to the Girl Scout mission and are just plain fun!
  • Partnering with Henrico and Hanover County Public Schools, the CAC provides art activities and inspiration at special events and programs.

    Additional partnerships include: Henrico County Juvenile Detention Home, James River Juvenile Detention Center, Henrico County Prevention Services, Chesterfield County Public Libraries, and Richmond Children's Hospital.

Artful Living! Adult Programming

Promoting mindful living and creative expression for adults of all ages and abilities, Artful Living offers the time and space to explore a new creative venture or to revisit favorite arts of the past. In bringing the arts to more convenient locations, we hope to make it easier for adults to indulge in creative expression and connect with other creative spirits.

The Cultural Arts Center is pleased to have partnered with:

  • Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging
    Friendship Cafes
  • Henrico County Human Resources, Advocate for the Aging
  • The Laurels of University Park
  • Chesterfield County Public Libraries
  • CrossRidge at Glen Allen
  • Verena at the Glen
  • South Richmond Adult Day Care Center
  • Cedarfield Pinnacle Living
  • Covenant Woods
  • Grafton Integrations

Art for You!

For information about the Studio Art Cart or any of the Outreach programs, please contact Cindy Rinker at artsoutreach@artsglenallen.com


Visual Arts Scavenger Hunts

We've taken small clips from recently exhibited gallery pieces and challenge you to find their match! This first series is from Scott Supraner's ceramic wall reliefs and sculptures recently exhibited in our Gumenick Family Gallery at The Cultural Arts Center!

Scavenger Hunt #1

Scavenger Hunt #1Download ArtDownload Hints

Scavenger Hunt #2

Scavenger Hunt #2Download ArtDownload Hints

Scavenger Hunt #3

Scavenger Hunt #4Download ArtDownload Hints

Scavenger Hunt #4

Scavenger Hunt #4Download ArtDownload Hints

Scavenger Hunt #5

Scavenger Hunt #5Download ArtDownload Hints

Scavenger Hunt #6

Scavenger Hunt #6Download ArtDownload Hints

Youth Arts Programming

James River Juvenile Detention Center

In October of 2018 Hamilton Glass, Richmond Artist and Muralist, held a three-day workshop with 15 student artists at JRJDC to brainstorm and conceptualize a mural project for the JRJDC gym. Prior to this, Mr. Glass visited and met with the leadership at JRJDC to familiarize himself with the facility and its mission.By the end of the three-day workshop, the student artists had determined the concept and communicated their overall design wishes to Mr. Glass. He, in turn, took the artists’ concept and designed a mural for one wall in the gymnasium. The mural design was submitted and approved by the JRJDC leadership and the painting was scheduled. During the last week of November, Mr. Glass transferred the design to the gym wall and then worked with student artists to complete the mural. The mural was completed on Friday, November 30.

Glen Allen Library Spring Pots and Seeds

In the midst of glue and paint and soil and water, the air was filled with excitement and the joy of planting and painting.  We had a great time with parents and children of all ages in the Creative Pots and Plants program this spring.  Clay pots were collaged and painted, seeds were planted and watered, and families left the program with spray bottles and future marigold gardens in hand!

Lighthouse Project - BB&T

Thank you to BB&T for selecting the Art Matters PAL After School Program as a 2017 project recipient. 45 BB&T volunteers and 225 students built garden boxes together this spring.  This means that 1375 pieces of wood were cut, 1800 screws were driven, and 225 boxes were sanded, built, and filled with soil, marigolds and radish seeds.  Awesome project!!

PAL After School Program and Summer Camp

Year-round "Art Matters" programming for the Henrico Police Athletic League Youth Program.  During the school year, we visit three different PAL school sites once a week providing visual arts activities and classes.  Every Friday during the summer months, PAL provides transportation to the CAC for up to 60 campers for our summer camp program.

Donation Request:
We are in need of supply donations for our upcoming PAL After School Art Matters Program. You can make a huge impact and give the gift of art by donating any of the below supplies:

- Construction paper
- Drawing paper
- Tacky glue
- Pencils
- Soft pastels
- Soft pastel pencils
- Tissue paper - multi colors
- Acrylic paint in plastic bottles or tubes
- Watercolor paints

To make a donation, simply contact our Arts Outreach Coordinator Cindy Rinker at ArtsOurReach@artsglenallen.com or 804-261-6205 today.


A combination of performance, stage-creations, and costuming, StageCraft brought theater to our after school programming.  Stage 3C directed the 15-week program.

Adult Arts Programming

Friendship Café

The CAC brings visual arts programming to five Friendship Café locations throughout the year in the Greater Richmond area.

Lucy Corr Village

In addition to providing visual arts classes for Lucy Corr's Assisted Living, Health Center, and Adult Day programs, the CAC partnered with Megan Keeton's The Arts of Aging to bring gardening and the arts together.

"Gardening with Grace," a 6-week program for residents in Lucy Corr's Memory Care facility, combined simple outdoor gardening with visual arts projects.

Play it Forward - Aging Together

Seniors and pre-schoolers coming together for art and movement!  We are so fortunate to have been invited to provide the visual arts component for this multi-generational event.  Play It Forward is an annual event sponsored by a number of organizations in the Greater Richmond area: Family Lifeline, Senior Connections, Caremore, and Henrico County, to name a few.

RMHF Teambuilding

An exciting team-building event with the Leadership Team of Richmond Memorial Health Foundation.  Creativity was flowing as the team collaboratively produced a large acrylic painting that currently hangs in the RMHF office.

The Art of Celebrating

Explore The Cultural Arts Center's beautiful spaces available to rent for your next special event.

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PAL After School Program and Summer Camp

PAL After School Program and Summer Camp

During the school year, we visit three different PAL school sites once a week providing visual arts activities and classes.

The Story Behind the Exhibit - Light and Shadow / Artist Richelle Kaufman

The Story Behind the Exhibit - Light and Shadow

By Sarah Burroughs. In this exhibit, one can see the moments in time in which Kaufman felt pure joy. Joy in where she was, joy in what she was doing, and joy in who she was. 

Student Highlights

Say hello to some of our 2017 PAL students who have graced the cover of our new season brochure!

Say hello to some of our 2017 PAL students who have graced the cover of our new season brochure!

The Art of Celebrating

Explore The Cultural Arts Center's beautiful spaces available to rent for your next special event.

Plastic Tides mural is a step towards keeping Henrico beautiful

Muralist Nico Cathcart uses her art to spark conversation about the environment, pollution, and preservation in the Richmond Community

Support The Cultural Arts Center's outreach programs this Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2019. It's an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season - and a chance to support the organizations you love!

Artist Nico Cathcart to create mural at The Cultural Arts Center

In partnership with Henrico County Government​, we are excited to announce that local artist Nico Cathcart has been selected to create a new mural at The Cultural Arts Center.

Behind the Sunday Brunch Market - The Unknown Impact

The Cultural Arts Center’s Sunday Brunch Markets encourage young artists and business owners to follow their passion.

"Artreach" at the James River Juvenile Detention Center

Hamilton Glass, Richmond Artist and Muralist, held a three-day workshop with 15 student artists at JRJDC

Say hello to some of our PAL students who have graced the cover of our season brochures!

Meet the "cover girls"...

Aniyah A., Laburnum Elementary School
Aniyah W., Adams Elementary School
Chyna M., Harvey Elementary School

Why are you so passionate about art?

Chyna: I'm passionate about art because it's fun and you get to show your creativity. Art means I get to express my feelings and when I'm happy."a

Aniyah: "Art keeps me occupied and I enjoy it. It's a way to enjoy yourself and to help kids."a

Aniyah: It's fun to do and "Art makes me feel happy."

Chyna: I like to make slime and play with my geckos.
Aniyah: flowers, self-portraits, animal sketching
Aniyah: painting, drawing, dancing, sketching

Ways to Give

The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen relies upon the generosity of friends, corporations, foundations, the County of Henrico and its Board of Directors to provide first-rate programming to the greater Richmond community at affordable prices.  The Center is the only regional facility to provide access to the performing, visual and literary arts through performances and classes.  As a registered 501(c)3 organization, contributions to The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen are tax deductible to the extent of the law.  Gifts of any amount increase the quantity and quality of artistic opportunities available to the community.  Donations may be made by cash, securities or credit card and can be made in a single payment or in installments.

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